For starters: I hope that everyone who could spend time with their father this past Father’s Day could do so.  Even though the holiday can seem a little manufactured it is nice to have a day where we can really take stock of that important relationship one has with their father.  However, the reality is that not all father’s get to develop that lifetime bond.  There are an almost endless number of reasons this may be the case.  However, in situations where that chance is being kept from them, I have found that one of greatest ways I can serve a client is by giving them the tools to build that bond with their child or children.

Every so often, I get a male client that comes in telling me a familiar story: “The mother of my child is not allowing me to see my kids!  What can I do about it?”  They are often shocked to hear that the answer to their question is “nothing,” at least in that moment.

In Ohio, the state of the law is clear: unmarried father’s have no rights to their children unless they petition the court for their parental rights and responsibilities. This is even the case if you as the father are on the child’s birth certificate, and even still if you are paying child support.  In order to get legal rights to your child you MUST file with the proper court.  Only then can you get and enforce a parenting schedule with your child that the Mother has to abide by or risk being found in contempt of court or worse.  Beyond establishing a parenting schedule, filing through the courts can result in even greater outcomes such as establishing shared parenting, a deviation of your child support, or even full custody if the situation calls for such a change.

For a child, having a healthy relationship with both parents can make all the difference.  The court is more likely than not to find that a relationship with their father is in the minor child’s best interest.

If you are a father in Ohio who has yet to establish your parental rights and responsibilities or lacks a parenting schedule for your child/children, please contact The Law Office of Clayborne Blaine Johnson, LLC today at (614) 706-7640 or visit my website at to get in touch with me and schedule a free consultation!


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